Visiting Rotarian:   Dave Carter (Oxford Hills)

Guests:  Eric Lowell (upper class student of the month), Robert Lowell  (parent), Cassidy Smith  (under class student of the month), Ernie Peare  (parent), Penny Peare  (parent)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Dunham, Roma, Thrall, Whitney

During "happy dollars," Dean was the happiest -- celebrating his acquisition of two long-sought vintage train items.

David Murphy's program presentation stressed the need for new thinking on public school educational methods, noting that current systems are basically the same as those defined by the Committee of Ten in 1892, with a prescribed curriculum for each grade.  Public education is a dinosaur, he said, and a transformational change is needed -- not just tinkering.  Taking full advantage of technology is important, but keeping in mind that technology is a tool, not the system itself.  Customized learning is a key concept -- an individualized approach -- meeting kids "where they are." 

~ Walter