Visiting Rotarian:


Peter Redman  (Waterville)


Sierra Ryerson  (student of the month)  (Hart)

Tanya Mason  (parent of S.O.M.)  (Hart)

Natasha Mason (family of S.O.M.)  (Hart)

Maureen Glover  (student of the month)  (Hart)

Sylvanus Glover  (parent)

Kathleen Glover  (parent)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Dennis, Laux, Murphy, Whitney, Zinchuk

The students of the month were recognized and congratulated -- Sierra as under class, and Maureen as upper class.

The program involved a review by Dan Hart of the latest version of proposed Volunteer Management Policy and Procedures, followed by questions and discussion.  The Policy and Procedures are for Bethel Rotary Club members who work with youth (Grades K-12).  One area of questions and discussion concerned the rules for a Rotarian providing a youth a ride in his/her vehicle -- for example, is another adult's presence needed if there is another youth present, and is another person's presence needed if the youth's parent has asked the Rotarian to give the youth a ride?.  Possible wording changes for clarification will be considered.  At the next meeting, club members will be asked to turn in their completed Volunteer Application forms and sign the Expectations sheet.