Guests:  Autumn Morin (Underclassman of the Month) and Hunter Chase
Members We Missed: Arizzi, Joe & Lynn, Barth, Dennis, Kunkle, Laux, Moran-Laux, Mann, Monahan, Murphy, Zinchuk 
Announcements included a reminder of the Auction & Yard Sale June 23.
Mike Steven led an open discussion of fundraising methods, both an evaluation of current activities and ideas for new events.  A common difficulty with current activities is getting Rotarians to solicit sponsors.  This hurdle would have to be overcome for new events also.  In considering new fundraising, there was general agreement that the primary goal is money coming from outside our local community.  Ideally, the outside visitors would not only attend the Rotary event but would patronize local businesses during the course of their stay. 

Thank you Walter