Visiting Rotarian:  Nelson Durgin (Rotary Club of Bangor, Maine)

Guests:  Gabriel Aguilar (upper class Student of the Month for June); Matthew Bolen (upper class S.O.M. for May); Savannah Clough (under class S.O.M); Ernie Aguilar (parent of S.O.M.); Shawn Coffin (parent of S.O.M.); Stephanie Coffin (parent of S.O.M.); Melissa Clough (parent of S.O.M.); Terri Mulks  (Camp Susan Curtis)

Members We Missed:  Arizzi, Joe & Lynn; Dennis; Mann; Steven


Terri Mulks presented some Camp Susan Curtis highlights.  Over 500 campers this year. Telstar represented by counselor and two campers.  New kayaking program. 

The program "Snapshot of Graduation Week" by Dan Hart, Gabe Aguilar, and Matt Bolen covered the various events for Telstar graduating seniors last week, ending with all-night Project Graduation.