Rick Whitney, Program Chair introduced Kevin Finley who gave us information about our Scholarship Program.  The program began in l977.  One of our present members, Scott Dennis was one of the first recipients receiving $50.  He later became the chair of the scholarship committee until resigning in 2001.  Kevin took over at that time.
Today we give some $6,000 in scholarships, $5,000 of which goes to students at Gould Academy or Telstar who live in the SAD 44 area.  The other $1,000 goes to our second category of scholarships called non-traditional.  Awards in this category have included such areas as nursing, continuing education programs for teachers and assistance for persons going back to college or training programs later in life.
Because of the size of our scholarships and not to interfere with a students ability to receive larger scholarhips, we call them Educationl Assistance Awards.  These awards are for buying such things as books, supplies or helping with lodging.  A student must finish the first semester of schooling and be enrolled for the second in order to receive the scholarship.  However there is a two year grace period.
Last year after a sucessful pizza party fund raiser we introduced a new scholarship in honor of Rocky Freda.  Students applying for this scholarship should have an emphasis in the outdoors and  conservation.
Today we emphasize student interest  and success in community service.  On the application students are asked to describe the Rotary 4Way Test and how it can be meaningful in the applicat's life.
These awards are given in memory of past Rotarians and other persons who have been influential to the Rotary Club of Bethel.  Following are those memorials:

Rollie worked for Gould Academy and was one of the original members of the Bethel Rotary club in 1974.  He was in charge of the maintenance program at Gould and was a woodworker and cabinetmaker.  He was also a contractor that built many homes in this area.  He was born in North Rumford, ME, was a WWII Vet and owned and operated the Red Rooster Motel and Restaurant for 20 years.  He was active in the Bethel Players and song meister for the club.

Dick was an orignial member of the Bethel Rotary Club and lived in Woodstock on an island in North Pond.  He was resposible for introducing Jim Monahan to the club and was his sponsor.  He was born in North Stratford, NH and was an electrical engineer for Mass Electric until his retirement in 1971.  He was a Past President of the Bethel Rotary Club.

Romeo Baker was an artist and outdoorsman.  He taught skiing at Sunday River and was an avid hunter and fisherman.  He was a talented woodworker and painter, and donated some of his work to the Bates Museum of Art.  He flew B-24's for the U.S. Air Force during World War II.  He then became a funeral director in New Jersey for 27 years before moving to the Bethel area.  He and his wife, Jo, operated a B and B in Newry and later turned the building into the Bethel Art Gallery.

Bob was a member of the Bethel Rotary Club in the  late 90s until he passed away due to cancer.  A memorial was made on behalf of Bob for a student that was interested in an ongoing education in engineering.  Bob worked many years for the Bethel Water District as an engineer.

Floyd was a member of the Bethel Rotary Club.  When he passed away John Head, who was the executor of Lloyd's will, was instrumental in developing an endowment from the estate for scholarships for the Bethel Rotary Club.  The interest from this endowment is used in the general fund for scholarships every year.

Ed Quinn was also an original member of the Bethel Rotary Club in 1974.  He was retired from the railroad.  He was also known for being a hard worker despite only having one arm.  He was born in Portland, ME, and worked on the GTR (Grand Trunk Railroad) for 37 years.

Charles Feld otherwise known as Charlie was a summer regular and not a member of the Bethel Rotary Club.  He would spend his summers in this area with his wife, who was a McCarthy but did not like General McCarthy.  Charlie was a very good archer and tried to teach Jim Monahan how to be an archer.

Bill Conary was one of the original members of the Bethel Rotary Club.  He retired in Gilead, Maine and was an executive fom Wall Street.  He was born in Millinocket, ME and sold stock and bonds on Wall Street for more than 40 years.

Application Forms for Scholarships will appear in the Download Section of the Website. 

VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS: Joan Batory, PDG 7450, Joe Batory PP of his club (Laux)