Visiting Rotarian:  Joel Speakman  (Oxford Hills)



Allen Cressy  (speaker)  (Hart)

William Andrews  (speaker)  (Hart)

Katie Merrill  (student of the month)  (Hart)

Rick Merrill  (parent)

Jen Merrill  (parent)

Josh Eliot  (student of the month)  (Hart)

John Eliot (parent)

Tania Eliot  (parent)

Cameron Kulik  (Kulik)


Members We Missed:  Blair, Dunham, Laux, Murphy, Tyler, Whitney


The students of the month, Katie (upper class) and Josh (under class), were recognized and congratulated, along with their parents.


A wine tasting event at Sunday River will be held on March 8. 


Al Cressy and William Andrews outlined the background and current status of an effort they are spearheading to get the community more engaged with Telstar high school students.  Their effort was triggered by the unfavorable "grade" the high school received a few months ago, but the speakers emphasized that strong community involvement should continue regardless of future "grades."   Their group, currently a dozen people, wants to add other interested citizens.  The community is rich in talent and resources, they said.  Their emphasis will be to respond to specific needs expressed by teachers, other school staff, and students, rather than to devise their own proposals of how they could help.  This will be part of a "Principles of Partnership" between the group and the school, along with other agreed-upon ground rules.