Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Scholarship Recipient:  Hannah Wheeler

Members We Missed:  Blair, Crockett, Dennis, Hart, Murphy, Monahan


Announcements: There was a number of event dates announced – See EVENTS section of the website.


Presentations:     Kevin Finley presented a Rocky Freda Educational Assistance check to Hannah Wheeler who is attending CMCC.  She would like to transfer to either UNH or UMF to become a therapeutic riding instructor.


Program: Club Assembly


Lorena Tyler reported for the Membership Committee that they are working on attracting new members.  They reviewed a list of potential members to ask them to attend a meeting as a guest.


Lynn Wilson shared that the Public Image Committee is updating the club brochure.  PR for the upcoming Rocky Freda event is on the docket next.  Joe Arizzi announced that the District’s Dec 2011 newsletter has some of our club photos.


For the Foundation Committee, Kathy Thrall communicated that they are looking into applying for a matching grant to be used towards M. Perejda’s water project or the DGE’s project.  Brainstorming was also done too for a District Simplified project.  This is for local projects up to $2,000.  The Committee discussed BANC and shared that the luggage tags project is ongoing.


The Service Committee listed upcoming events.  Mike S explained that the Rocky Freda Pizza Party event will be Thu Feb 2 at the Matterhorn from 6 – 9 pm.  The event will have a 50/50 raffle (The raffle is split 50/50 between the Matterhorn and Rotary.)  The ticket price is $15 pp.  Thus far, 8 sponsors have stepped forward to help sponsor the event at $200 each – more are welcomed.  A volunteer sign-up sheet will be circulated starting next week and event flyers will be out next week as well.

            The Wine Tasting event is scheduled for Feb 25 – more details forthcoming.

            The Spring Country Breakfast is Sun March 18.

            Although RYLA is in late June, discussions have started.

            The Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshop is scheduled for March 2.  This Committee has been meeting almost weekly after club meeting.


SO VOTED   Pat Roma lead the discussion of the Board’s recommendation to eliminate the breakfast dollar and instead increase dues.  Steve Wight motioned with Scott Hynek seconding to eliminate the breakfast dollar and increase dues to $160.00 per member starting the next fiscal year of July 1, 2012.  It was acknowledged that payment plans would be available.  The motion carried with one opposed.


OPEN FORUM    Pres Ellie led the club in the discussion of the membership having open forum meetings.  At the recommendation of the Membership Committee, the Board will schedule such meetings quarterly.  It is hoped that the membership would discuss in an open forum style various pre-identified topics so that would help set the priorities for the club in the future.  Future topics learned from this discussion include prospective new members/packet; replacing the wine tasting event with another fundraising event as this is the last year; and fundraising in general.  With regard to our fundraising health, Pat Roma challenged the members.


SO VOTED  Pat Roma motioned and Lorena Tyler seconded to accept the 2011-2012 officer and board slate (See related story for listing).  The membership voted unanimously.