Rotary Online Makeups   10-20-12    K. Finley

There are many opportunities to do online makeups. If you want to use Google, just type in ‘Online Rotary Makeup’ and a list of clubs will come up.

One of the easiest sites and interesting ones, is Rotary eClubOne. This is the first online club and has good programs.

To get started, you only have to type in the URL web page: and this will take you to the site. There is a tab on the top row that says ‘MAKEUP PROGRAMS’. Click on this and a drop down list will appear and will have a choice of programs to choose from. There is an instructional video on how to do an online makeup and also written instructions.

Follow the instructions and complete the form for a makeup and send in your email address so the makeup form will be sent to your email. You can print off the email and give it to our Sargent at Arms or Email it to them or our secretary.

You will have to spend at least a half hour on the site reading at least three articles and completing a review in order to get the credit. The articles are usually pretty interesting and vary in interest.