Seabury Lyns listens to a question posed from the audience with Pres Bruce listens on ...

Visiting Rotarian:  Dave Carter  (Oxford Hills)

GuestsBrendon Bass  (Thrall), Seabury Lyon  (speaker)  (Thrall)

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Crockett, Dennis, Hart, Laux, Moran-Laux, Murphy, Roma, Tyler, Wilson

Country Breakfast date may be changed to March 24 instead of March 10.  Stay tuned.

Seabury Lyon started off his talk on tar sands oil (TSO) by expressing disappointment at how the recent town meeting proceeded, with no opportunity for the other side of the story to be heard.  Having said that, Seabury described why he and others are extremely concerned about any possibility that the pipeline through Bethel would be used to transport TSO.  He cited the devastation caused by a pipeline rupture releasing TSO into Marshall Creek and the Kalamazoo River in Michigan.  The incident highlighted that traditional methods for handling oil spills are inadequate for handling spills of TSO, because the heavy tar-like TSO sinks rather than floats after the lighter diluents used to make it pumpable have evaporated.  Seabury detailed other aspects of his concern, which have been covered extensively in recent editions of the Bethel Citizen.  During the question/comment period Scott Hynek took issue with the need to rush through the recent resolution, noting "why couldn't this issue have waited for the regular June town meeting, when it could be considered by folks other than partisans of this particular issue?



Seabury Loyns presents on February 5th.  Thank you Suzanne for the pictures ...