Visiting Rotarian:  Peter Skeels-Riggins  (Falmouth, Cornwall, U.K.)

Guests: Charity Webster  (Int'l. Student Exchange - speaker), Allen Jenkins  (Peter-Skeels-Riggins), Anneliese Smith  (Telstar upper-class student of the month), Liz Smith  (parent), Kaitlyn Brown  (Telstar under-class student of the month), Kim Dupuis  (parent), Heather and Sean (ISE)

  President Bruce with SOM Kaitlyn Brown (left) and Anneliese Smith.  Thank you Kevin and Suzanne.

Members We Missed:  Andrews, Blair, Dunham, Mann, Murphy, Tyler, Wilson 

The program presentation described the International Student Exchange (ISE), founded in 1982 and headquartered in Babylon, NY, "A Partner in Education for Tomorrow's Leaders."  It operates in 55 different countries and offers an academic year program, a semester program and a summer program.  Students are 15 to 18 1/2 years old.  They reside with host families and experience family interactions, as part of the overall culture exchange experience.  Considerable effort is spent on finding the right host family, who are asked to treat the student a member of the family -- following all its rules and practices -- rather than a guest.  Thank you Walter.

   Pres Bruce with ISE representatives.