Visiting Rotarian:  Peter Redman (Waterville)

Guests: Ella Kellogg  (Andrews), Grady Kellogg  (Andrews),  Nate Collette  (Andrews)

Members We Missed:  Blair, Dunham, Finley, Hart, Laux, Murphy, Roma, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney

There was no "program" as such.  Happy Dollars were extended in time, and there was a short discussion of reasons for diminishing membership.  With regard to potential new members, the thought came out that perhaps we put too much emphasis too soon on the time and effort expected of Rotary members.  Peter Redman mentioned that at the Waterville club it is customary to start out by a Rotarian inviting someone to their luncheon meeting -- often several times -- without any mention of membership.  The person has an enjoyable time, and also becomes aware of members' efforts in a gradual manner.