Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Steve Ethridge (Moran-Laux), Beth Abbott (OHRC President)

Members We Missed:  Not available at this time


Announcements: December 16th is Gould's Cookie Walk; March 24th is the Big Brother's Big Sister's Annual BowlAThon - see Rene about forming a team!


Presentations:  Steve Ethridge from Rooster's Roadhouse and on behalf of RR and their customers presented the club with a $2500.00 check for Christmas for Children.  RR does fundraising through out the year.  Thank you!

Lynn W. presented the promotional check she received on behalf of the club at Sunday River's Santa Sunday.  It's $2200.00.  Thank you!


Program: Fellowship


Rene has a reprieve on presenting her program as we ran out of time. 


Ian distributed the Spirit fundraiser.  This first time fundraiser yielded 69 orders of $400 plus.  Thank you Ian!


The remainder of the meeting was sharing dates and event updates.