Visiting Rotarians: Ashley Rand  --  speaker from Electricity Maine  (Powell), Patty Rice  --  past Asst. Distr. Gov.  (Oxford Hills), Beth Abbott  --  (Oxford Hills - past pres.)

Members We Missed: Andrews, Cole, Crockett, Dennis, Hart, Laux, Moran-Laux, Murphy, Thrall, Tyler, Wilson

Ashley Rand's presentation on Electricity Maine addressed the questions "what is Electricity Maine?", "why Electricity Maine?", and "how do I sign up?"  The company is a locally owned electricity supplier to CMP, dedicated to providing Mainers with a lower rate than the Standard Offer supplier.  Mainers have the option to choose their electricity supplier (the 2nd part of our monthly bill), even though CMP would continue to be the deliverer in our area (the 1st part of the bill).  Electricity Maine can handle residential and small business accounts, but not large commercial accounts.  In answer to questions, Ashley explained that using Electricity Maine would have no effect whatsoever on reliability of power, restoration of power, how meters are read, or any other activities currently handled by CMP.  Enrolling can be done online at or by calling toll free at 866-573-2674.

~ Walter