Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Students of the Month Guests: Anna Torina, Valentina Torina, Loraine Duclos, Joey Blanchard, and Gaby Conrad: Suzanne Weenham (Hynek), Carol Savage (Arizzi)

Members We Missed:  Not available at this time


Announcements: Welcome Back Pres Ellie!  Bell Ringing weekend brought in $1,347.00 for Christmas for Children.  The cup sales fundraiser raised $617.00!


Presentations:   Robin our Bethel Inn Waitress was presented with our Christmas tip thank you!  Thank you to Gould's Cookie Walk which presented the Christmas for Children program with $1,007.00!  Ellie presented Kathy T with material from Togo trip.  Kathy will use the material to continue sewing luggage tags.  Mary Tenant and her daughter from the Brunswick Coastal Club have been busy selling the tags to churches.  the tags are $5.00 and go to the orphanage in Haiti.


Program: Music and Music History


Rotarian Scott Hynek and Kathleen Devoe performed the Bach 24 preludes on the marimba and flute.  Scott shared the history of the marimba as well as the music they were playing.