Members We Missed:  Dennis, Dunham, Kulik, Laux, Mann, Murphy, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney


The program was an interactive discussion led by Dan Hart and Dave Fraher on proposed documents to fulfill the club's youth protection responsibilities under the District 7780 Protection Policy for Prevention of Abuse and Harassment.  The proposed documents included Youth Volunteer Application, Youth Management Interview Questions, Volunteer Management Policy and Procedures, Volunteer Expectations Sheet, and Volunteer Complaint Procedure.  A specific suggested change to the application form was to eliminate the Social Security No.  Specific suggested changes to the complaint procedure document were to substitute "complaint" for "incident" wherever the latter word appears, and to eliminate the paragraph about the club's involvement in investigating the legitimacy of a complaint and determining consequences.  The primary goal is prompt notification of a complaint to law-enforcement, the SAD 44 Superintendent (if a SAD 44 student is involved), and our club officers and the District 7780 contact.  The discussion of the various documents was still ongoing when time ran out, so further discussion will be needed.


~ Walter