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Thanks to Dave Freiday for dressing THE MOOSE (what's his name anyway?)! 

PROGRAM:  Steve Wight introduced Bruce Nichols from Australia.  Bruce shared a bit about himself and Rotary in Australia. Bruce is now a member of the Townsville Sunrise Club of the Queensland District of Australia.  He's been a Rotarian since 1991.  After 30 years of service, he retired from the police force and now is in the security consulting business with his specialty being that of going after those entities/individuals who "rip-off" lodging and hotel businesses.  He is District Chair for World Community Service, specifically for Rotary's Pacific Nation projects.  His club has approx. 90 members and it's one of the few male only clubs.  They are one of the largest (and outrageous) of the Townsville clubs.  Bits of club sharing included describing their auto fundraising raffle that they have been doing for the last 30-40 years.  Also, their key to obtaining younger members was that once they had a young member, they immediately involved him in things and gave him a job.  He became a member because he was an employee of one of the older members.  Once the younger member was engaged in the club activities, he invited his friends.  It was interesting to learn that the Australian clubs do not receiveThe Rotarian Magazaine, but instead receive the Rotary Down Under Magazine.


MEMBERS WE MISSED: Arizzi(s), Hart, Laux, Murphy, Nivus, Perejda, Whitney. Wilson, Zinchuk