Rotarian Dean Walker

Guests:   Bud Kulik  (Powell)

Members We Missed:   Blair, Cole, Dennis, Fraher, Hart, Murphy, Whitney, Wight


Two potential fundraisers were brought up, both of which would appear to require a minimum of club effort:   (1) a bike rally next July, occurring between the Art Fair and Mollyockett Day, with the organizing done primarily by a biking group, and (2) a golf tournament in September, with the Bethel Inn handling most of the organizing.


Dean Walker's program was his classification talk.  He explained that shortly after he joined the club, he gave a talk but it was focused primarily on his model train hobby, not his own background.  Dean was born in Gardiner, Mass, but later his family moved to New Hampshire, and he graduated from high school in Manchester in 1951.  During high school, he realized that his interests were mechanically-oriented, and opted for a general course featuring shop.  After high school, he was employed in machine-shop related jobs, and then served in the U.S. Marines for several years where his assignments included working as a prison guard in Portsmouth, NH.  It was during this time that he met and married Priscella.  After his Marine tour of duty, he held a series of machine-shop related jobs with New Hampshire companies, culminating in his final position at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard from 1977 to 1995, becoming machine shop supervisor there.  He and Priscella lived in Kittery, but also spent time in Bethel at an Eden Ridge condo.  They ultimately decided to have a single permanent residence in Bethel, and had a home built on Forest Drive -- equipped with a machine shop in the basement, as well as an elaborate model train set-up over the garage.


~ Walter