Club Assembly


Guests:  Bud Kulik  (Hynek)


Members We Missed:   Blair, Dunham, Fraher, Mann, Murphy, Roma, Steven, Tyler, Zinchuk


During committee reports, Membership noted that a Fireside Chat is scheduled for 6:00 on Aug. 23 at the Riverview Resort.  Foundation asked for and received club approval to donate $300 of luggage-tag money to the Haiti nursing training program described at our July 30 meeting.  Service reminded everyone of the Sept. 16 golf tournament (definite); a potential bike rally fundraiser for next July; and a new fundraising proposal to collect, for recycling, no-longer-used cell phones, i-phones, and i-pads.  Youth Services' report included the four categories of RYLA, Interact, Rotaract, and live skills workshops.