Members We Missed:  Blair, Dennis, Dunham, Laux, Murphy, Roma, Andrews

During committee reports, we were advised that ways are being sought to assist the Telstar music program in funding the repair of non-working musical instruments, even though a Rotary foundation grant is not available.  Telstar's Interact group is thriving, with 22 members, recently-acquired distinctive T-shirts, and discussions of both a local and an international project.   Assisting in the Chamber of Commerce's "Bethel Cleanup Day" on May 3 is an opportunity for both Interact and for our Club.  Applicants for RYLA will be interviewed soon, with the Club sponsoring up to 5 students.


There was considerable discussion of the Monahan bequest, and the committee's difficulty in coming up with a suitable single project.  There was some thought that the funds could be used in increments for a number of small projects instead.  However, the consensus seemed to be to keep aiming for a single large project, and to consider the possibility of using the Monahan funds as the local match for a larger grant that could be sought.  It was agreed that this topic should be the program of an upcoming Tuesday meeting, preferably including non-Rotarian guests with special knowledge of community needs.