APRIL 7 - Bethel Town Manager Christine Landes

     We welcomed Bethel Town Manager Christine Landes on Tuesday April 7th.  Christine joined the Town in November 2014 after the departure of Jim Doar and following Interim Manager Steve Eldridge.  She shared a little about herself and gave an update on some of the projects the Town has completed recently as well as some upcoming projects.
      Christine was born and raised in Maine and has worked with small municipal government since 1998.  After trying a couple of career choices, she found she enjoyed banking and admittedly never really had an interest in working in government until ... she had a opportunity at working as Warren's Town Clerk - she grew to love government work and this initially short term opportunity turned into 12 years.
     Christine's husband in the Navy was transferred to FLA and the family followed with Christine working in town/city government there.  Upon her husband's retirement from the Navy, they returned to Maine where Christine held a couple of town government jobs before deciding to complete her schooling full time.  It was at that time that the Town of Bethel contacted her for the Town Manager position and she was hired.  Now, five months later, she is still doing course work and is looking forward to graduating on May 9th.
     Here are some of the projects being worked on in Town: airport vegetation project; reduced electricity rate at the Sewer Plant; new street lights at Foodliner and Rte 26 intersections; "TULIP" programs - insurance program for renting public places; passenger rail coalition; credit card transactions accepted at town office; rejuvenating the Channel 11 committee; town committee volunteers are needed; 2016 budget with CIP; drone policy esp for airport rea; met with school heads; recreation director and committee; and, a budgeted item is a compactor for a recycling single stream, zero sort proposal.