Guests: Eric Lowell  (Hart), Kathryn Coolidge  (Hart), Savanna Patenaude  (student of the month)  (Hart)

Members We Missed:  Dennis, Dunham, Laux, McGrew, Murphy, Roma, Thrall, Tyler, Whitney

Savanna was recognized and congratulated as upper-class student of the month.


Eric, Kathryn, and Savanna described the Class of 2014 Project Graduation itinerary, which will start with a 9:15 pm departure from Telstar and end there at 7:30 am for breakfast and door prizes.  Activities will include:

+ Dinner at Pizza Hut in Oxford

+ Seacoast Adventure Park in North Windham

+ Yankee Bowling Lanes in Portland/Westbrook

+ Sunrise at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough

Their fundraising activities included a polar plunge at Songo Pond, featured in this week's Citizen.

Bud Kulik's program presentation covered the ins and outs of small gasoline engine repair, and the proper maintenance and safe operation of the various pieces of equipment using these engines.  He particularly emphasized that children should not ride along with parents on riding equipment, and should not even be in the vicinity of operating equipment such as mowers and snow blowers.  Avoid the temptation to deactivate safety features, he said, even it causes inconvenience.  He outlined the potential problems with alcohol-containing gasoline when allowed to sit for an extended period, examples being a lawn mower or snow blower at the end of a season, or a generator that is seldom used.