Don't miss hearing Jarrod Crockett speak about his "Experiences in Afghanistan".  Paige Crockett is the Program Chair.

This week's Mystery Member was born in New York, New York.  She attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and University of Southern Maine.  She has had several professions.  She worked for an Art Gallery in Portland as Assistant Director.  She has also had experience in retail management and mortgage banking as well as real estate.  Her passion is to live a beautiful life full of kindness and abundance for everyone.  She has been a Rotarian for 3 years.  Her favorite foods are sushi and a good rare steak.  She has two sisters and a brother.  One sister owns an art gallery in Washington.  The other sister is a stained glass artist in Cincinnati while her brother works as a social worker in Philadelphia.  She has one son who is presently attending college on a ski racing scholarship.  Her favorite book is "The Egyptian" by Walter Mikari.  Her favorite movies are "The Italian Job", "Gladiator" and "Gone With the Wind".  If she could change one thing about the world we live in she would provide clean water for everyone.  If she could go back in world history she would return to ancient Egypt where Egyptian life was involved with art, beauty and religion.  She is intrigued by a culture that embraces the arts.  The one thing she'd like the club to know about her is that even though she hasn't always been at meetings, her heart was always there.  She is a committed Rotarian.  CAN YOU GUESS WHO THIS MYSTERY MEMBER IS?