Image   The Nominating Committee and Board of Directors recommend the following club individuals for the 2013-2014 Officers and Directors.  A vote on this slate or nomination alternative from the floor will be at Meeting on March 26th.

President: Rene McGrew

President-Elect: Ian Blair

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Pat Roma

Secretary: Michele Varuolo Cole

Sargeant-at-Arms: Scott Hynek

Service Committee Co-Chairs: Mike Steven and Lorena Tyler

Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Kevin Finley and Ian Blair

Foundation Committee Chair: Steve Wight

Public Image Committee Chair: Suzanne Dunham

New Generations Committee Co-Chairs: Dan Hart and David Fraher

Past President: Bruce Powell

In the event of co-chairs, consideration and recommendation to the members will be as part of the slate.  In the event of co-chair election, they both may elect to participate in board meetings but with one vote.